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Kottman Taal en Verhaal is a small private school, established in 2008. We have a comfortable classroom (’gezellig’) in De Zuster. This building dates from the 1930s. It used to be home for the nurses of the former hospital at the Gasthuisplaats. ‘Gasthuis’ is the old word for ‘hospital’. From the classroom you have a nice view of the Koornmarkt, the old canal where tourists like to travel by boat.   Private lessons by appointment (€ 70/hour), also on Saturday.  
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Dutch courses in Delft

Trying to learn Dutch? You can do it in Delft, right in the heart of the city, at Gasthuisplaats 1. We have small groups (max 8) and give you lots of personal attention. We specialise in courses for people with a higher education, who can learn fast and don’t like to waste time. During the sessions we speak a lot. Reading, writing and listening can be done outside the classroom, whenever you want. We use state-of- the-art educational materials, like e-learning and of course the newest books. Group courses usually have sessions once a week. You can also opt for private lessons, if you need to be flexible. We offer courses at all levels. Have a look! If you have special requests, please call or mail.
There’s more to Holland than just windmills or delftware (Delft Blue). Learning about Dutch culture is part of every course. 
Students of many different backgrounds meet in the Dutch classroom. Interesting! There’s one common denominator: they all want to learn Dutch.
Kottman Taal en Verhaal
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